The Juggle is Real

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So I’m back at work. I got my daughters daycare sorted (two days per week) and I put it out to the universe that I was ready to go back to work, on a freelance basis. It was late November so I was expecting (as one would in the world of production), that it was […]

Taking a [maternity] break

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[Photo credit: Monique Louise Photography] I started working when I was 12. My stepdad hadn’t had much luck with work since we’d moved from Sydney to Brisbane so to give him a job, my parents bought a takeaway shop in Victoria Point. I worked there on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, taking orders and payments. I was […]

Work with meaning

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When I started out as a PM, I never really thought too much about the kind of jobs I wanted to work on. Gaining experience and paying the bills were the order of the day. The production company I worked for initially was owned by a major company and so a lot of our work […]

Payment Ups and Downs

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As a freelancer, I’ve grown accustomed to the uncertainty of being paid. It’s a constant balance between money in and money out, I’ve also worked both ways – as a freelancer just “selling” my own labour and as a production company, engaging subcontractors and incurring costs on behalf of a client. The first is easy […]

Living the freelance life

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I’ve freelanced on and off since April 2014, when I saw my full time job stagnate and I decided that my best opportunity for career growth was to try and freelance instead. At the time, a colleague gave me this advice “The first year is the hardest. Get through that and you’ll be set”. I […]