Production Accountant

Greer lives and breathes budgets.

It’s not sexy and it’s not cool. But it’s important in a marketplace where video content is exploding and budgets are remaining the same as they’ve always been but still need to stretch across multiple platforms.

With over 19 years experience in Accounting in both the corporate world and TV networks, and an understanding of both low budget and high end productions, Greer can take the money on offer and suggest a production model that will fit, or work in consultation with you to build a budget for your project.

She can also be your day-to-day accounts support [as that’s where she started her career].

Having managed budgets that were worth $500, with a single man crew, through to live TV broadcasts with hundreds of crew, valued at over $2 million – small budgets, big budgets, no budgets.

She’s seen them all.